The 1982 Movie Poltergeist Used Real Skeletons As Props – Tymoff

The 1982 Movie Poltergeist Used Real Skeletons As Props – Tymoff

  1. Introduction
  • Overview of the movie “Poltergeist” and its significance
  • Introduction to the claim of real skeletons being used as props
  1. The Urban Legend
  • Origins of the rumor
  • Spread of the myth over the years
  1. Fact or Fiction: Real Skeletons in “Poltergeist”
  • Explanation of the use of real skeletons
  • Controversy surrounding the decision
  1. The Truth Behind the Skeletons
  • How the skeletons were obtained
  • Ethical considerations in film production
  1. Hollywood Myths and Legends
  • Other famous urban legends in the film industry
  • The fascination with behind-the-scenes stories
  1. Impact on “Poltergeist” Legacy
  • Public perception of the film
  • Influence on pop culture and horror genre
  1. The Curse of “Poltergeist”
  • Speculation about paranormal occurrences
  • Debunking the curse myth
  1. Skeptics and Believers
  • Different perspectives on the use of real skeletons
  • Cultural and ethical implications
  1. Conclusion

The 1982 Movie Poltergeist Used Real Skeletons As Props – Tymoff


“Poltergeist,” released in 1982, is a classic horror film known for its eerie atmosphere and chilling scenes. However, one persistent rumor surrounding the movie is that real skeletons were used as props, adding to its macabre reputation.

The Urban Legend

The tale of real skeletons in “Poltergeist” has circulated since the film’s release, gaining traction through word of mouth and media coverage. It’s said that during the production, director Tobe Hooper opted to use actual human skeletons for certain scenes, including the infamous pool scene.

Fact or Fiction: Real Skeletons in “Poltergeist”

While the urban legend persists, the truth behind the claim is more complex. Real skeletons were indeed used in some scenes of “Poltergeist,” but they were not obtained specifically for the movie. Instead, they were acquired from medical supply companies that provided authentic human skeletons for scientific and educational purposes.

The Truth Behind the Skeletons

The decision to use real skeletons was made to enhance the authenticity and realism of certain scenes, particularly the pool scene filled with skeletal remains. However, the use of human remains in film production raises ethical considerations, and it’s essential to understand how the skeletons were obtained and treated with respect.

Hollywood Myths and Legends

“Poltergeist” is just one example of the many myths and urban legends that permeate the film industry. From cursed film sets to hidden messages in movies, Hollywood has no shortage of tantalizing behind-the-scenes stories that capture the public’s imagination.

Impact on “Poltergeist” Legacy

Despite the controversy surrounding the use of real skeletons, “Poltergeist” remains a beloved classic of the horror genre. While some fans may view the film differently knowing about the skeletons, others appreciate the dedication to authenticity that went into its production.

The Curse of “Poltergeist”

In addition to the real skeletons controversy, “Poltergeist” is also famous for its alleged curse, with several cast members experiencing tragedies after the film’s release. While these incidents have fueled speculation about paranormal forces at work, skeptics attribute them to coincidence rather than supernatural causes.

Skeptics and Believers

The use of real skeletons in “Poltergeist” sparks debate among film enthusiasts, with some condemning the decision as unethical and disrespectful, while others defend it as a creative choice that added to the film’s impact. Ultimately, the controversy highlights broader cultural and ethical questions about the use of human remains in art and entertainment.


The legend of real skeletons in “Poltergeist” serves as a reminder of the enduring power of urban legends in shaping popular culture. While the truth behind the rumor may be less sensational than the myth itself, it raises important questions about ethics, authenticity, and the boundaries of artistic expression in the film industry.

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The 1982 Movie Poltergeist Used Real Skeletons As Props – Tymoff


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